Boston Bruins Logo History

The Boston Bruins: known worldwide as one of the National Hockey League’s Original Six…except they didn’t actually come along until seven years after the league began play. There were also only four teams in the NHL’s original iteration. Whatever. We’ll gloss over that.
The Boston Bruins: known worldwide for their classic, Spoked-B logo…except that this logo didn’t appear until a quarter-century into the team’s existence. Along with their seminal crest, the Bruins have chosen aggressive animals, giant letters, football numbers, collegiate script and Winnie the Pooh to adorn their jerseys. Plus, once something actually works, they feel the need to incessantly tweak it. But yeah, classic, timeless, legendary, Bobby Orr, Ray Bourque, Tom Brady, etc etc etc.

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Why is this sport so needlessly complicated?

The Boston Bear
The Bruins entered the NHL for the 1924-25 season with a brown and yellow (sorry, “gold”) kit, featuring a bear on the prowl surrounded by a “Boston” wordmark.
boston bruins logo
Not a bad beginning for the franchise, all things considered. (Chris Creamer’s SportsLogos.Net)

Boston’s first attempt at a logo was really Wholesale nhl jerseys
quite reasonable. Yes, brown really shouldn’t have a place in the colour palettes of professional sports teams, but this was nearly a century ago when tastes were different and, according to the progression of photographic technology, the human eye was just developing the ability to see colour. It helped that the team’s founder and owner, Charles Adams, also owned a chain of grocery stores, whose colour scheme just happened to be brown and gold.

Laid against the all-brown backdrop of the team’s first jersey, at the very least, this crest did not look out of place. The wordmarks sandwiching a vicious predator would have presented a strong image of the nascent team to the rest of the NHL.

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