Colorado Avalanche: Why the Results of the 2018-2019 Season are So Important

Recently, I’ve been writing preview posts that call practically every game a “must-win” for the Colorado Avalanche. Naturally, as you know, we’re barely to the halfway mark of the season, and the Avs are in pretty solid possession of third place in the Central Division.

However, it’s not just a matter of each game being a must-win for the Avalanche. Rather, it’s a case of this whole season being a must-win for the team. It’s like the sophomore season for a stellar rookie, you see. It’s the time when we see what’s what.
It’s the time when we see if we’ve really got something here or if we’re just a middling team. What’s at stake? Our being the Pittsburgh Penguins/Washington Capitals, or the Minnesota Wild/St. Louis Blues. Are we chasing a dream (perennial Stanley Cup contention) that’s actually obtainable, or is it the eternal will-o’-the-wisp that can vanish at any moment?

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The Colorado Avalanche followed a losing season with a playoff-bound one. Sound familiar? It should — they’ve done cheap nhl jerseys from china
it twice in the last six years. Let’s not forget the 2012-13 season when the Avs were dead-last in the Western Conference and second-to-last in the entire NHL. They followed that with the Golden Why Not Us season of winning the Central Division.

And then what happened? They missed the playoffs, regressed a little more each year, then dropped off the end of the world with the Dreadful Why Us season of 48 points in 2016-17. And, yes, last year they followed that up by making the playoffs.

The 2014-15 season was not a disaster. Colorado earned 90 points, which was good for #11 in the 14-team division, but no playoffs. Unfortunately, like I mentioned, they followed that with years that showed the Golden 2013-14 season was a fluke.

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