Detroit Red Wings mailbag: Is the mentality playoffs or bust?

The Detroit Red Wings have righted themselves since a miserable start to the season to ensconce themselves in a tight Eastern Conference. As United States Thanksgiving arrives on the schedule, they are within reach of the playoff picture.

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Perfect time for a mailbag. Thanks as always for the questions.
HSJ: From the start of the season, players and Jeff Blashill have said the goal is to make the playoffs. As it should be for guys in the locker room — they should want to win.

“This league is such that I think any team at the beginning of the year can be a playoff team,” Blashill said. “I don’t think there’s a huge separation in talent cheap nhl jerseys china
from one team to the next. Confidence is a huge factor. Health can be a huge factor. Any team that starts the year has true optimism. We see it every year, teams that surprise.

“The question would always be, why not us? Certainly there weren’t prognosticators picking us and I understand why, I get that, too. But my point is, the difference isn’t huge.”

So that’s what’s the thinking is in the locker room. From the outside perspective, I don’t see the Wings making the playoffs. They’ve taken advantage of a November schedule that’s featured less daunting opponents that October’s, but December is another grueling month with nine of 16 games on the road, two of them at Toronto. Let’s see where they are in the standings at New Year’s.

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