Flyers have nine prospects named to preliminary WJC rosters

The time is upon us, folks! We’re nearing World Juniors time, and the national teams have just started releasing their preliminary rosters for their teams. And guess what, you guys! There are a lot of baby Flyers on these preliminary lists!

Now, the teams still have a bit of work to do, and will be whittling down their rosters in the coming weeks, but we’re still in an okay position Cheap Philadelphia Flyers Jerseys to do a bit of guess work. Who’s gotten the initial invite? And what are their chances of making the team? Let’s break it down.
Team Belarus
Maxim Sushko’s our lone prospect representing Belarus (in the secondary tournament, looking to get promoted for next year).

That’s neat. He’ll probably make the team right?

Yep. He played for them last year and he was captaining the team in their game earlier this week. So we can feel pretty comfortable saying he’ll be on the final roster.

Yeah that all seems to point to lock status. Good talk.

Team Canada
Next up are our pals from the Great White North. Canada’s named two of the Flyers’ 2017 picks to their roster, Morgan Frost and Isaac Ratcliffe.

So how good are their chances of making the team?

They seem pretty good! Based on his production last season, Frost should have been a solid candidate to participate in last year’s tournament, but a slow (relative to his final pace) start seemed to have him just miss the window for selection.

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But what’s done is done, and he’s on pace to break 100 points easily this season—and he’s doing so on a markedly less talented top to bottom Soo Greyhounds team than last year’s version. But both he and Ratcliffe are off to really strong starts to the season—Frost is second in the OHL in points and 10th in goals, while Ratcliffe is 26th in points and 13th in goals, as both seem to be picking up right where they left off in last season’s strong campaigns.

Combine that with the fact that these two have both been given the chance to represent their country in international tournaments—the WJSS and the CIBC Canada/Russia series—it’s hard to imagine that they get passed over for places in the final roster.

Yeah! We don’t even have to LOOK AT THE ROSTER! We just KNOW they’re locks!

I like the enthusiasm. We should leave some room for other possibilities. They could roll up and have awful starts and get themselves cut. But we can feel pretty comfortable saying that we expect to see them on the final roster.

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