Kawhi turned down the invite to the NBA reality show — and we’re here for it

The NBA needs more of what Kawhi Leonard doesn’t bring to the table.

On the court, he’s the best two-way player in the league, period, and top-five overall. What’s missing with Leonard is all the drama and gossip that dragged the league into Love & Hip Hop New York territory this season and threatens to suffocate the incredible basketball being played by these magnificent athletes.

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The NBA has stacked peak cultural currency by embracing what happens off the court. It has leaned into social media and personality-based marketing Wholesale nhl jerseys
to reach a place that the NFL, despite many millions more viewers, can’t touch. But it felt like the NBA hit a tipping point this season, with off-court intrigue sucking oxygen away from the games themselves.

Whether it was the impending free agencies of Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving, the clumsy trade demand of Anthony Davis or the Game of Thrones that is the Los Angeles Lakers, a negative vibe hung around the league like funk in a locker room. With social media descending a slippery slope from entertaining to toxic, plus the tendency of certain stars to play into the drama rather than rise above it, the atmosphere sent Durant into a sulk and made Irving proclaim basketball was “not fun.” Even NBA commissioner Adam Silver admitted all the talk might be hurting the league.

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