Kevin Hayes wants to stay with the Rangers past this season

Kevin Hayes said on Wednesday that the Rangers present a “good formula” for him and that he wants stay in New York for the rebuild and be “part of the future.” (NY Post)

Hayes has said previously that he wants to stay with the Rangers past this season.
Hayes is on a one-year deal and can be a UFA on July 1 Wholesale nhl jerseys
but said that he would love for his agent and the Rangers to start talking about a contract extension on January 1 and “get a deal done.” (NY Post)

On Wednesday, Quinn said that he thinks Hayes continues to get better and that it was nice for him to be rewarded offensively on Tuesday. (NYR)

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He said that Hayes is playing faster and “there is a quickness to his game.” (NYR)

Quinn said in early October, “I think Kevin has world class talent and when he plays fast and physical, and I don’t mean going around and hitting people, I mean physical around the puck. Physical enough to allow his skills to influence the game. When he is physical around the puck he is as dangerous a player as we have.”

Jeff Gorton, at a fan forum prior to the season, said that in the position the Rangers are in, they don’t want to tie up too many spots but Hayes is someone that they want to keep around. (NYR)

Glen Sather, at a fan forum prior to the season, said “Kevin has the opportunity for a great year, he is an ambitious guy, good player, he’s gonna have a great year. I expect that he will get a better position than the one Jeff was going to offer him this summer. It’s up to the player.” (NYR)

Through nine games, Hayes has 2 goals, 1 assist, 19 shots on goal and an average of 18 minutes per game.

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