Maple Leafs’ personal collections not all sticks and pucks

When it comes to collecting sports memorabilia, the Maple Leafs have tastes that run from the normal to the eclectic: Gordie Howe autographs, Michael Jordan photographs and Muhammad Ali’s boxing shorts.

And, of course, hockey sticks.
By far, sticks are the most common item to collect, Wholesale nhl jerseys
a curiosity from a competitor.

“You learn a bit about the guy,” Leafs centre John Tavares said before NHL all-star weekend. “Guys see the game differently. They come at it in different ways. It tells a bit of the story of who they are as a player, when you look at the stick and the curve.”

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The stick that means to the most to Tavares?

“I have a Peter Lee stick from when I broke his OHL scoring record (213 goals). That meant a lot to me.”

Teammate Auston Matthews collects sticks as well. He learns from them, too.

“I’m really big into the curves they use: the flex, patterns, lies,” he says. “I like to collect them just to have. (Alex) Ovechkin, (Patrick) Kane, (Sidney Crosby) … I do (try them out), but I always go back to my regular (stick). I’ve tried switching a couple of times, but I find I always go back.”

The Star asked a number of Maple Leafs for the story behind some of the coolest things in their personal collections:

Tavares: “One that means a lot to me personally is, I got my uncle John’s Junior B Mississauga Tomahawks jersey that he wore when they won the national (lacrosse) championship. Him being the great athlete that he is, that’s kind of special to me to have something that unique. I don’t think there are many of those around. I’ve got a lot of hockey sticks. I’ve got a signed Cristiano Ronaldo jersey, which is pretty cool. Being Portuguese, and he’s represented by CAA Sports too, they made that happen. I got two — one for my dad’s 50th birthday. I’ve got a Pele soccer jersey, too.”

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