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Montreal Canadiens Player of the Month: Max Domi
He was traded for a player who many believed still had a lot of untapped potential, and therefore the initial reaction to Max Domi’s arrival in the organization was mixed. His work ethic was undeniable and his history suggested he could be a good setup man, but his personal offensive production was an area of concern.

Montreal Canadiens

He has been playing in a centre role Wholesale jerseys since the (suspension-abbreviated) pre-season after spending much of his short NHL career on the wing. After a few failed experiments attempting to convert wingers to centremen, Domi immediately took to the new role, and has been performing better than even the most optimistic projections.
Through just a single month of the NHL season, Domi has already notched five goals after putting up just nine in each of the previous two seasons with the Arizona Coyotes. His playmaking skill is still a main feature of his game, with six assists in 10 matches. The result is a team-leading 11 points.

Domi may not maintain that better-than-a-point-per-game pace for the entire season, but he’s showing a lot more than what many thought he had to give. He has quickly established himself as key cog in the Canadiens’ offence, and should only become more comfortable.

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