Pens play Santa at Children’s Hospital

Before the Penguins’ ‘Superhero Theme Night’ on Thursday, some of the players met a tiny little superhero roaming the halls of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on Tuesday.

A group of Penguins players led by Sidney Crosby stopped by Porter Harmon’s room during their annual holiday visit, where the 4-year-old was wearing a bright orange shirt that read “Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Porter” on the front and “PORTER POWER” on the back.
Porter had just finished playing some soccer with a stuffed ball, and Crosby informed him that they had some good two-touch players in the group. After taking photos,cheap nhl jerseys
signing autographs and distributing gifts that included an Iceburgh pillow and a Love Your Melon hat, Porter’s mother Holly thanked the group for stopping by, telling them that their visit not only puts a smile on the kids’ faces, but on Mom and Dad’s faces as well.

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“We’re just very appreciative that Sidney Crosby of the Penguins took the time to come down here to see the kids, which I think is just awesome,” Porter’s father Mark said. “I know the Penguins do tremendous work in the community, and we’re just very appreciative.”

Porter just finished his third round of chemo for acute myeloid leukemia. Whenever Porter is admitted, he has to stay about a month, so they have been at the hospital since Nov. 21. They expect to stay there until Dec. 20 and will return again in January for his fourth and hopefully final round, as Porter is currently in remission.

“We are just told all the time how well he’s doing and how well he looks, so we are very positive and prayerful that he’s beat this and it will never come back, so that’s good,” Holly said. “He’s only a week-and-a-half out from his third round of very intense chemo, and he’s just weathered the storm so well. So we’re very blessed.”

In talking with families like the Harmons, Crosby said he’s continuously blown away by their mindsets and attitudes.

“It’s not an easy time, especially this time of year and dealing with what they’re dealing with,” he said. “But their families and them individually, just how strong they are and the attitude that they have, I think that always stays with me when I leave.”

Down the hall from Porter, 18-year-old Dylan Carr just got admitted on Monday and was set to undergo his first round of chemo Tuesday evening. Receiving a visit from Crosby beforehand helped raise his spirits before beginning his long journey ahead.

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