Thanksgiving no longer benchmark for rebuilding Wings

Detroit — “U.S. Thanksgiving” used to provide an NHL gauge for the Red Wings, as perennial Stanley Cup contenders, to begin discerning their likely opponents in the first round of the playoffs.

Until a few seasons ago, the holiday provided the first benchmark of the season for the chances of extending the playoff streak.

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These days, there is less to consider.

When it comes to developing younger players cheap nhl jerseys
and rebuilding the lineup, Thanksgiving is more about the turkey and the stuffing than the standings.

Entering play Tuesday five points out of the playoffs, the day before Detroit’s 21st game of the season and the last game before Thanksgiving, the Red Wings have righted their ship.

Players in the room will tell you they fully intend to defy the nearly universal assertion they cannot make the playoffs.

They seem a long shot at best, and a folly at worst.

Clearly, a rebuilding lineup should not restock in pursuit of the 2019 playoffs when rebuilding the roster is likely to take a few more seasons.

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