The Blue Jackets Are Fun Again — My Column

First off, I want to give props to THE captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets, Nick Foligno.

As you will recall, I questioned whether he was the right fit to wear the “C”, mainly pending a potential postseason, or lack thereof, failure. Just a ‘what if, maybe there’s a leadership change that needs to happen?’ type of pondering.

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Well, that second article, which went into greater depths to explain my reasoning nearly coincided with Foligno’s daughter, Milana, having to undergo Cheap Columbus Blue Jackets Jerseys
a planned surgery. Hockey season, of course continues on, regardless of the curveballs life can throw at any of us.
The Blue Jackets continued on, beating the Senators on New Year’s Eve, losing to the Hurricanes four nights later, finding a way to win at the Panthers the next night, getting walloped by the best team in the league Lightning, dealing with the Sergei Bobrovsky ‘incident’ before carving out impressive victories against the first place Predators, Capitals, and outlasting the Rangers.

So, I pondered Foligno, mainly just being curious about whether the captain was basically out of answers, or feeling the weight of the teams’ struggles on his back when things got rough. I never once questioned his attitude, heart and desire on the ice. He makes a presence when he plays. He’s emotional and uses that to his advantage. You know he’s ready to drop the gloves when the need arises. Those are traits of not just your average NHLer, but indeed the type of player you want in your captain.

And, while the Blue Jackets fought through the slogfest that is the Hurricanes, maybe still getting back into their NHL mindset after the days off and New Year’s celebrations — or not — and dealing with the best team in the NHL, there was a notable absence without Foligno on the ice. It might not seem like a big deal if you know you have your team point leader in Artemi Panarin, your leading goal-scorer in Cam Atkinson, a talent like Pierre-Luc Dubois anchoring the two stud wingers, and the next-man up mentality that comes with losing a starter from the lineup, but Foligno is surely one that you’d rather have in the lineup than not.

You saw some of that attitude and snarl against the Predators. He made his presence felt as he is apt to do.

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