The More You Inferknow: Erica Kromm

As Ramina detailed in her Inferno report, the team is absolutely rolling. The Inferno own the second highest winning percentage, tied with the Montreal Canadiennes, and have won seven straight games.
On a CWHL roster, change is constant, especially when one factors in Olympic centralization. A strong leadership group is essential for continued success, Cheap Calgary Flames Jerseys like the success that the Inferno have enjoyed over the past few seasons. One of the cornerstones of that group is forward Erica Kromm.

Currently playing in her sixth season with the Inferno, Kromm is the all-time franchise leader in games played with 151 following four seasons and 115 games played with Brown University of the NCAA. When asked to reflect on her career so far, Kromm said:

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Each year has brought new and different opportunities to grow as a player and teammate on the Inferno. Each year brings a different role and thus a chance to grow in a different way. I think I’ve become a smarter and more strong willed hockey player. I grew a lot last season in that regard, which I try to continue to do this season … I’m mostly excited about the opportunity to play with such fantastic hockey players. The higher the level of play on our team, the better we all get.

As a veteran player, Kromm has helped welcome several new faces to the CWHL and this year is no exception. When asked about how the rookies have broken in this season, Kromm said:

I’m impressed with all of our rookies this season. They are all extremely hard working and talented individuals. Most importantly, their attitudes are positive. It’s great to see for our league.

While some of the players may be CWHL rookies, not all of them are new to the professional game. For example, 31-year-old Inferno rookie Venla Hovi is a two-time Olympic bronze medalist and a three-time World Championship bronze medalist, adding to an already formidable group of Inferno players with international experience.

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