Where do Pelicans, other teams sit in NBA draft lottery? See updated tracker, matchups, projections

With two meaningless wins over the Sacramento Kings in the last two weeks – the team’s only two wins in the last three weeks – the Pelicans have gone from a runaway favorite for the sixth-worst record in the league and likely fallen into the eighth spot for the NBA Draft lottery coming up on May 14.

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This year’s lottery system is slightly tweaked, Wholesale nhl jerseys
with the process deciding the top-four picks instead of the first three, and with the odds for landing the top pick decreasing for the worst three teams and increasing for teams 4-13 (the 14th-worst record stays with a 0.5 percent chance of striking gold).

With just one day left in the regular season, there can still be a little shuffling between the teams currently with the sixth-to-ninth-worst records in the league

Check out a breakdown of the standings below that will keep a running look at each team’s lottery projections and updated win/loss totals. Scroll below the table for a closer look at the teams surrounding the Pelicans in the standings, who they have left to face, and what their draft odds would be if the season had ended April 7.

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