With Colby Cave on waivers, do the Bruins have another move in the works?

Colby Cave hasn’t been playing much lately, so the Bruins aren’t getting much out of him by keeping him in the press box.

However, waiving him is a little odd. For one thing, placing him on waivers risks losing him for nothing. While he may not got claimed,Wholesale nhl jerseys
there’s always a chance a team will take a shot on a versatile forward with a little sandpaper to his game.

Also, there’s really no reason for the Bruins to make this move right now.

Normally, you’d waive a player if you needed the roster spot for a player returning from injury.

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However, the only Bruin out right now is Joakim Nordstrom; while it’s entirely possible that he’s almost ready to return, he wasn’t even scheduled to be reevaluated for 3 weeks. His injury was Jan. 1, so that’d be a pretty accelerated timeline.

So… why waive Cave? The Bruins could be preparing to make a trade that would require a spot on the NHL roster.

Rumors abound at all times, with a name like Jakub Silfverberg being frequently mentioned. There’s nothing concrete, however, so we’re really just adding to the speculation here.

However, the Bruins clearly want a spot on the roster to be available. They could be planning to recall someone from Providence, or a trade could be in the works.

Either way, this seems like it could be a bit more than a standard “player X goes to the AHL” situation.

For those thinking it might be about getting Cave ice time, Providence isn’t playing again until Friday. Logically, you’d rather him practice with the NHL club than the AHL club.

If there is a trade brewing, who would you like to see brought in?

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